Nullify and Void Bureaucratic Regulations

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to nullify and void all regulations, laws, and restrictions generated by federal government bureaucracies.

Why we must nullify and void bureaucracy-mandated regulations

  • Politicians grant vast powers to thousands of bureaucracies at all levels of government.
  • Bureaucrats impose millions of regulations on Americans that were not put to a vote by elected bodies.
  • People and businesses cannot possibly keep abreast of, much less comply with, today’s high volume of government regulations. This makes criminals out of ordinary citizens.
  • The average American unwittingly commits three felonies every day due to government over-regulation.
  • By requiring congress to vote on every regulation, and getting rid of those not put to a vote, the volume will go down to a much more reasonable and manageable level.
  • Government regulations drown businesses and citizens in red tape, causing waste and frustration.
  • Government regulations force Americans to spend $3-4 trillion every year for compliance. This is the cost of bookkeeping, financial advisers, lawyers, armies of bean counters, and the inefficiencies that regulations cause.
  • Most government regulations are not needed. Where they don’t exist, market regulators step in to keep products and services safe, effective, and competitively priced.
  • Market regulators take many forms including media watchdogs, customer feedback and ratings for products and services, user forums, and professional societies that certify suppliers.
  • For example, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) sets standards for electrical safety. Virtually every electrical vendor conforms to UL standards. No government was involved in UL’s formation or its decades of success.
  • Government regulations are typically outdated, wasteful, clumsy and nonsensical. They make products and services less safe, sometimes even dangerous.
  • Market regulations respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and result in much better, safer products and services.
  • The high cost of government bureaucracies raises government spending, taxes, and debt.
  • Getting rid of bureaucracies will enable dramatic reductions in government spending, tax cuts, and less government debt.
  • Government regulations kill millions of American jobs.
  • Getting rid of regulations will make it easy for small businesses to open and expand, creating jobs. An economic boom will result.
  • Government regulations drive up the cost of food, clothing, household items, and virtually everything Americans buy.
  • Removing government regulations will allow U.S. businesses to lower prices for consumers.
  • Over-regulation makes American businesses inability to compete in world markets.
  • Getting rid of regulations will make America competitive.
  • Bureaucracies that mandate regulations often enforce them as well, violating individual rights and due process.
  • Nullifying and voiding bureaucratic regulations will restore due process, protecting individual rights.