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On September 26th 2018, WMUR TV published the Criteria they would use to discriminate against ballot qualified candidates who had been certified to appear on the General Election ballot by the New Hampshire Secretary of State. WMUR Intends to use these unfair criteria to keep Libertarians out of the Debates and deny Granite State Voters the option to hear from all of their options. 

These Criteria include Polling over 12% (When no polls have been conducted, never mind any inclusive of Libertarian Candidates) and showing Financial support by raising in excess of $25,000 before October 19th. 

You can help Justin meet the 2nd Criteria today by clicking here and donating now! 

And you can help challenge these unfair rules by signing this petition today as well!

I the undersigned, as a citizen and a voter, demand that debates between candidates include all candidates who have been certified by the Secretary of State to Appear on the Ballot on November 6th. WMUR must extend an invitation and allow Justin O'Donnell, Dan Belforti, and Jilletta Jarvis to participate in the Congressional and Gubernatorial Debates.

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