Nullify and Void Bureaucratic Regulations

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to nullify and void all regulations, laws, and restrictions generated by federal government bureaucracies.

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Expand Health Freedom to make it Affordable, Safe and Effective

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to get the federal government out of the health care business so that it can be dramatically more effective, safer, easily affordable, and far more responsive to individual needs. Specifically:

• End all federal mandates on individuals and businesses to buy medical insurance, including those contained in Obamacare. End associated tax penalties.

• End all coverage mandates and restrictions on health insurance that prevent companies from selling policies that customers want to buy. Enable purchase of medical insurance plans across state lines. Existing policies may be honored until the free market is restored.

• End government guarantees, subsidies and bailouts of insurance companies, including ‘risk corridors.’

• End all federal laws and regulations that restrict use, or that drive up the cost, of drugs, medical supplies and equipment, and other health care products and services. This includes ending all regulatory powers of the Food and Drug Administration.

• Require states receiving federal Medicaid funds to similarly end all state mandates and regulations on medical care, including those on insurance, drugs, procedures, medical supplies and equipment, office visits, or laboratory tests.

• Once the market has been freed and prices plummet, quickly end all federal health care programs and subsidies, which will no longer be needed. Dramatically cut taxes and/or the deficit by the amount saved.

• Give veterans total control over their health care by putting money into individual health savings accounts to cover their lifelong medical costs for physical, emotional, or mental injuries resulting from combat. Shut down the Veterans Administration (VA).

• Privatize all federally-funded medical research and return every dollar saved to taxpayers.

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Term Limits

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, and federal judges.

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Ending Crony Capitalism

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to end government bailouts, grants, loans, loan guarantees, and other handouts to private businesses; eliminate unnecessary government spending, which fuels crony capitalism; open up bidding of government contracts; and require all government contractors and their employees to agree to abstain from lobbying or from promoting or opposing political campaigns.

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Ending Big Government

If elected, I will vote “no” and work against any measure that expands government authority in any way or that increases total government spending from today’s astronomically high levels. If an essential, constitutional government function is needed, I will vote to reduce spending elsewhere to pay for it, rather than raise taxes or add to the nation’s debt.

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Financial Transparency

Government should be at least as transparent as anyone it regulates, including citizens subject to an IRS audit, businesses harassed by government regulators, and political campaigns subject to FEC regulations. Therefore, if elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to put the government’s checkbook online. Each government transaction must cite as much detail as the IRS demands of citizens. Government agencies that refuse to fully and promptly disclose their finances will lose their funding, and taxes will be cut by the amount saved.

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If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to quickly end all federal mandates on state and local schools, discontinue Common Core and all other Department of Education programs, close the DOE, and cut taxes by the amount saved.

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Marijuana Prohibition

The federal legalization of marijuana is an imperative step towards liberty, and respecting the will of the American People and the powers delegated to the individual states by the 10th Amendment. Seven states and The District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational uses as of our last election cycle. However, the Federal Government still has regulations prohibiting the manufacture, trade, sale, possession or use of Marijuana -- despite the state laws allowing it. 

The existence of a federal prohibition was seemingly a non-issue under the Obama Administration, which had chosen not to enforce those laws in states in which the citizens had decided to allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes -- but those laws are still on the books. President Trump has indicated a willingness and inclination to instruct the Department of Justice to take action against states that have legalized marijuana, under the lead of Attorney General Sessions. This move would infringe upon peoples' rights to exercise their freedoms. 

This prohibition will not stop anyone from using marijuana, just as it being illegal previously did not stop it from being a billion-dollar-industry. Prohibition doesn't eliminate the product or service; rather, it simply forces it to the black market. The black market is a market with no controls or methodology for conflict resolution. There is no quality control or complaints process in the black market, which leads to unknown drug composition, and no possibility for civil litigation as a form of complaint against a competitor or supplier. Prohibition makes the market dangerous, and endangers the lives of those who participate, but it does not stop them from participating. 

Foreign Policy

The responsibility of the American government is to the American people, not to the development of foreign military forces. The burden of American Taxpayers should not extend beyond our borders. For a nation overburdened with debt, and a crisis of poverty, we need to reevaluate our priorities. Our political class is intent on buying favor with the rest of the world, at the expense of The American tax payers. Our continued experiments in interventionist nation building have left an entire region of the globe in constant turmoil and warfare, displacing tens of millions, and killing hundreds of thousands. 

We need to stop sending our money, and our troops, overseas to solve conflicts that aren't our responsibility. 

This nation was founded through the barrel of a musket, we fought a revolution and a civil war before we came to value individual liberties and freedoms, so who are we to tell other's how to properly fight for their freedom? Do they not have the right to their own revolution, without our interference? 
And don't we have a responsibility to take care of our problems here at home, before trying to fix the world?

Gun Control

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to repeal all federal laws that abridge an individual’s right of self-defense, and protect the rights of all granite staters to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights as protected by The Constitution. 

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