Gun Control in 2018

Gun Control in 2018

The time has come for President Trump to spit in the face of those who elected him, and finally turn his back on the American's who believed his campaign promises. With recent calls to ban bump stocks, and raise age limits on firearms purchases, as well as increased restrictions on ownership and more enhanced background checks, President Trump is giving America everything Hillary Clinton Promised in the way of gun control. 

Once upon a time, Republican administrations supported and defended the 2nd Amendment. Once upon a time, the candidates who earned the endorsement of the NRA could be trusted to never go back on their word.

Do you remember those days? Neither do I...


Gun control measures were first implemented in the United States as Jim Crow era prohibitions to keep blacks unarmed. Even today, there are memes and viral videos going around the internet claiming "If you want Republicans to support Gun Control, just arm the blacks!"

And always remember it was Huey Newton of the Black Panthers that armed his cohorts and proclaimed "Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment."

As with any government prohibition, marginalized groups will be the first to feel the suffering they enforce. As recently as the 1970's homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, and even today, there are members of Congress and our own Vice President who consider Transgender Individuals to be suffering from a mental illness...

Under these proposed changes, with emphasis on Mental Health checks for gun control, we will grant undue power to the Government to deny the basic right of self-defense to the LGBTQ+ Community.

A marginalized group that is disproportionately victimized around the world, will have the groundwork laid to be left defenseless in the United States.

Your right to defend yourself is Natural, and shortsighted attempts to regulated your means of defense are the true crime.


Gun Rights are Women's Rights.
Gun Rights are Gay Rights.
Gun Rights are Trans Rights.
Gun Rights are Black Rights.
Gun Rights are Civil Rights.
Gun Rights are Equal Rights.
Gun Rights are Human Rights....

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