Foreign Policy

The responsibility of the American government is to the American people, not to the development of foreign military forces. The burden of American Taxpayers should not extend beyond our borders. For a nation overburdened with debt, and a crisis of poverty, we need to reevaluate our priorities. Our political class is intent on buying favor with the rest of the world, at the expense of The American tax payers. Our continued experiments in interventionist nation building have left an entire region of the globe in constant turmoil and warfare, displacing tens of millions, and killing hundreds of thousands. 

We need to stop sending our money, and our troops, overseas to solve conflicts that aren't our responsibility. 

This nation was founded through the barrel of a musket, we fought a revolution and a civil war before we came to value individual liberties and freedoms, so who are we to tell other's how to properly fight for their freedom? Do they not have the right to their own revolution, without our interference? 
And don't we have a responsibility to take care of our problems here at home, before trying to fix the world?