Financial Transparency

Government should be at least as transparent as anyone it regulates, including citizens subject to an IRS audit, businesses harassed by government regulators, and political campaigns subject to FEC regulations. Therefore, if elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to put the government’s checkbook online. Each government transaction must cite as much detail as the IRS demands of citizens. Government agencies that refuse to fully and promptly disclose their finances will lose their funding, and taxes will be cut by the amount saved.

Why we should require government financial transparency

  • Politicians demand that taxpayers and businesses divulge their personal finances to tax collectors.
  • At the same time, politicians hide government spending from taxpayers.
  • Some government budgets aren’t even available to the public, or they’re hard to find.
  • Those that are published are often grossly incomplete, confusing or unreadable. They’re not designed to inform, but rather to pull the wool over taxpayers’ eyes.
  • Some government budgets that “break down spending” contain billion-dollar line items, offering no details of how those billions are spent, much less a way to verify their accuracy.
  • Yet politicians demand that taxpayers produce receipts to prove every deductible expense. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  • Some government budgets omit “off-budget spending,” enabling politicians to hide large portions of total government spending from public scrutiny.
  • Government financial transparency will allow citizens to see how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Government financial transparency will end politician hypocrisy.
  • Government financial transparency will expose the legions of waste in government budgets.
  • Government financial transparency will expose sweetheart deals and embezzlement.
  • Government financial transparency paves the way for cutting unneeded government spending.
  • Government financial transparency will lead to balanced budgets.
  • Government financial transparency will enable meaningful tax cuts, giving back to taxpayers the money they earned to spend, save, or give away as they see fit.
  • Government financial transparency will force government agencies to stop sloppy bookkeeping practices.
  • Government financial transparency will spotlight the fact that federal, state, and local governments, combined, account for about half of all expenditures in the American economy, every year.
  • Government financial transparency will enable voters to see the full impact of legislation and whether their results live up to expectations set by lawmakers.
  • In a free society, anything less than full government financial transparency is an assault on the rights of taxpayers.