Ending Big Government

If elected, I will vote “no” and work against any measure that expands government authority in any way or that increases total government spending from today’s astronomically high levels. If an essential, constitutional government function is needed, I will vote to reduce spending elsewhere to pay for it, rather than raise taxes or add to the nation’s debt.

Why we should never expand big government

  • When politicians propose to expand government, as they routinely do, they claim they need more money and more authority, pretending there’s little to no government waste they can cut instead.
  • But according to a 2014 Gallup poll, Americans believe: 51 percent of what federal politicians spend is waste; 42 percent of what state politicians spend is waste; and 37 percent of what local politicians spend is waste.
  • In other words, politicians spend THREE TRILLIONS DOLLARS ($2 trillion federal plus $1 trillion state and local) of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on government waste. Every year.
  • Every time politicians raise total government spending or expand government authority, Americans pay a steep price in lost wealth and diminished freedoms
  • Expanding government enriches special interests on the backs of everyday taxpayers
  • Americans are already heavily burdened by hundreds of federal, state, and local taxes. Politicians tax about half of all earnings in American.
  • Citizens and businesses are already heavily burdened by thousands of regulations, mandates, and prohibitions.
  • We must remove thousands of government regulations from the books and allow the marketplace to regulate safely, effectively and efficiently. We must never add more regulations.
  • We must dramatically reduce total taxes and total government spending, and never increase them.
  • We must look for ways to pay down the nation’s unsustainable debt, not add to it.
  • By removing waste and managing government budgets properly, there is never a need for more government.
  • Stopping the assault of imposing more Big Government on the American people will force politicians to be financially responsible, allow people to keep their desperately-needed, hard-earned money, and restore essential freedoms.