Do You Own Yourself?

Do You Own Yourself?

This past weekend I Journeyed up to Concord with Representative Caleb Dyer (L Hillsborough-37) to take hold of the March for our lives rally on the State House steps. While we disagree philosophically with those who were protesting, we thought it was important to take stock of the situation and listen to what they had to say. 

Apart from the protesters, and counter-protestors, what struck me most was a conversation we had with an Elderly Woman from Concord after everything had ended. Representative Dyer posed her a simple question to debate her philosophy, he asked her if she felt that she owned herself. 

After initially answering yes, she pondered and stopped us to tell us no. That as a resident of Elderly Housing she has no control of her home and has to allow state agents to conduct inspections on no notice. That as a beneficiary of Medicare and Social Security, she had no control over what doctors she could see or her own medical treatment. 
This woman concluded that due to the overreach of government, she no longer owned herself - and she had resigned to accept these conditions rather than protest them.

This is why we fight for Liberty, that is why we sacrifice so much for a more free future...

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