Defending Our Principles!

A couple weeks ago I was proud to join others from The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and serve as a delegate representing Granite Staters to The Libertarian National Convention. In the months leading up to this convention I was also proud to work with the National Platform Committee in drafting recommended changes to the Platform to the remaining delegates in attendance. While we did adopt several new planks, amend several others, and pass a number of resolutions calling for the implementation of Libertarian Policy at all levels of government, these actions were not what I was most proud of.
The foundation of the platform and the ideals of The Libertarian Party lie in our statement of Principles. An inherently Radical document that doesn't hesitate to announce our goals of fighting against the oppressive state at all turns, this document has served as the header of our national platform since the 1974 Libertarian National Convention in Dallas, Tx. It has remained unchanged since. Last week, Libertarian Delegates voted overwhelmingly to protect the national bylaw requiring a 7/8ths majority of credentialed delegates present at a convention to alter or change the Statement of Principles in any manner.
When this motion passed, there was a celebration on the convention floor as efforts to alter our parties principles and history had been stopped in their tracks. That is what being principled means to a Libertarian.
And while we may have succeeded at protecting our principles in writing at the national level, our principles are under attack in practice right here in New Hampshire. The basic underlying principle of Libertarian philosophy can be summed up by the Pledge our members take when joining the Party - "I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals." I wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy as a tenet of my own philosophy and strive to live by the non-aggression principle.
My primary opponent does not.
I embrace the democratic process and support the notion of primary elections to select the best candidates. In this case I cannot rationally defend the actions, statements, or principles of my opponent. While he calls himself a Libertarian, my opponent in the Libertarian primary for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District has refused to sign or abide by the Libertarian Party's membership Pledge. He also disregarded the Non-Aggression Principle. As a Republican state legislator, he called on his constituents to carry out violence against police officers. He was forced to resign in disgrace. More recently, he has been charged and arrested with assault and battery of a 12-year-old girl. He has purchased voter rolls from state governments, published voters' personal information on the internet, and then extorted people to have their data taken down. He has been surrounded by persistent controversy his entire career, whether calling for violence against others or making a living out of invading the privacy of strangers.
I could not in good conscience support this type of person as a candidate for any office, even if they claim to be a Libertarian and were running under The Libertarian Party's banner. While others have challenged his candidacy with the Secretary of State or tried to pressure or force him to withdraw his candidacy, I am for a simpler resolution.
I plan to WIN the Libertarian Primary on September 11th!
And I plan to provide a true Libertarian message in the debates leading up to the November Elections! To do that I'm going to need your help. My opponent has name recognition. He is notorious. I need to be able to reach Libertarian and Independent Voters en masse prior to squaring off at the polls. I need to put a Radical but Reasonable message in front of Granite Staters all over the District, From Nashua and Keene, to Lancaster and Berlin, Concord and every town in between.
Can I count on your support? Can you help us put yard signs in every ward? Can you help us put bumper stickers on every roadway? Can you help us equip a small army of passionate Libertarian volunteers to knock doors, talk to voters, and get out the vote this fall?
Can I count on you to contribute $250, $100, $50, or even just $25 to this campaign today?
Can I ask you to contribute even more? $500 will help us canvas independent voters in an entire city. $1,000 helps us reach half of a rural county. $5,000 raised will help us break records for turnout in a Libertarian Primary, and break records with a margin of Victory as well!
Follow this link to in order to send your contribution today. because with your help, we will make Liberty win, and we will defend our Libertarian principles at the ballot box this September.
Yours In Liberty,
Justin O'Donnell

06/08/2018 Press Release - O’Donnell Campaign Files to Run in Second District Congressional Race



June 8th, 2018


O’Donnell Campaign Files to Run in Second District Congressional Race


Concord, NH - Libertarian Congressional Candidate Justin O’Donnell of Nashua, was joined by friends, supporters and fellow candidates for office today as he filed the paperwork to appear on the September Libertarian Primary Ballot in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.


In April, O’Donnell received the nomination and endorsement of The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire at their annual convention.


Following the endorsement, O’Donnell said, “While I recognize that there is an uphill battle before us, I believe it to be crucially important to provide voters with another viable option on their ballots in November. While we may have 3 parties on the Ballot, we have only 2 choices. We can continue to elect republicans and democrats who promise the world and change nothing, or we can finally start voting Libertarian.”


O’Donnell also serves as a board member on the Libertarian National Committee. Additionally, he will represent New Hampshire as a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention the weekend of June 30th in New Orleans.


The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018. You can learn more about Justin O’Donnell and his campaign by visiting


For more information contact the campaign at  


Gun Control in 2018

The time has come for President Trump to spit in the face of those who elected him, and finally turn his back on the American's who believed his campaign promises. With recent calls to ban bump stocks, and raise age limits on firearms purchases, as well as increased restrictions on ownership and more enhanced background checks, President Trump is giving America everything Hillary Clinton Promised in the way of gun control. 

Once upon a time, Republican administrations supported and defended the 2nd Amendment. Once upon a time, the candidates who earned the endorsement of the NRA could be trusted to never go back on their word.

Do you remember those days? Neither do I...


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Do You Own Yourself?

This past weekend I Journeyed up to Concord with Representative Caleb Dyer (L Hillsborough-37) to take hold of the March for our lives rally on the State House steps. While we disagree philosophically with those who were protesting, we thought it was important to take stock of the situation and listen to what they had to say. 

Apart from the protesters, and counter-protestors, what struck me most was a conversation we had with an Elderly Woman from Concord after everything had ended. Representative Dyer posed her a simple question to debate her philosophy, he asked her if she felt that she owned herself. 

After initially answering yes, she pondered and stopped us to tell us no. That as a resident of Elderly Housing she has no control of her home and has to allow state agents to conduct inspections on no notice. That as a beneficiary of Medicare and Social Security, she had no control over what doctors she could see or her own medical treatment. 
This woman concluded that due to the overreach of government, she no longer owned herself - and she had resigned to accept these conditions rather than protest them.

This is why we fight for Liberty, that is why we sacrifice so much for a more free future...

Taking a Knee, The Patriot Way…

The elections of 2016 divided the nation more so than we have ever been before, and the reactionary politics of 2017 have only served to continue the trends. However, regardless of where we fall on the political spectrum, there has always been one thing that has united Granite Staters, Bay Staters, Mainers, Rhode Islanders, Vermonters and Connecticutians across their political divides -- New England Patriots Football. For four hours every Sunday, sometimes Monday or Thursday night, politics are set aside and we focus on what really matters: by how much Tom Brady and company are going to cover the spread.

During the 2016 pre-season, San Francisco 49’rs Quarterback Colin Kaepernick gained national attention when he refused to stand for the National Anthem. Throughout the Season, more and more players began joining his protest, by silently taking a knee during the playing of the star spangled banner during their NFL games. When asked for an explanation about what he was protesting, Kaepernick’s own words began a silent revolution within the most idolized among us.


"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color, To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."


As this silent protest gained support through the NFL, even surviving the end of Kaepernick’s career as an NFL quarterback, it largely went ignored, and unnoticed here in New England. Some credited the ‘no-nonsense’ management style of Coach Bill Belichick, and the zero-tolerance policy for distractions in his organization. But that did not last, and today, the 24th of September, 2017, the New England Patriots players finally joined in the silent outcry, and lent their voices to spread awareness of the injustices faced at large in our society. Sixteen Patriots players proudly took a knee during today’s national anthem, and another five locked arms and stood in solidarity.

Several New England Patriots players kneel during the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)The time has come: politics has consumed our love of football. The thing most sacred to our prime time ratings, has become that which most divided us. Already, there are patriots fans across New England and the country, complaining about the departure from “the Patriot Way.” The no-nonsense, no distractions, nothing but football and a winning mentality Patriots Way. But perhaps we’re thinking about the wrong Patriot Way.

In 1959, an AFL franchise was founded by a group of Boston business partners, and a public naming contest was held, settling on the name “Boston Patriots” in February 1960. This name held special meaning in Boston, home of the Sons of Liberty, the First American Patriots, and the birthplace of the Revolution that founded this great nation. Those men, our forebearers and founding fathers, the men whose moniker our team wears proudly as it’s name today, gained fame and notoriety by proudly taking action against injustice. These men began a brave and rich tradition of standing up for principled positions in the face of scrutiny, and even in the face of death.

To say that the Patriots have ‘lost their way,’ by giving in to the distractions of our political atmosphere, is to deny the history of what truly is the Patriot Way. These modern gladiators, whose team is named for the bravest of American Patriots, should take pride in the history they represent. The men who lived for ‘Liberty or Death,’ and committed high treason against their government, to speak out, and act out against injustice. These modern Patriots, by speaking out against injustice as they perceive it, are truly the most patriotic among us, the truest to our heritage as Americans, and to their namesake, they’ve truly found the Patriot Way...


Yours In Liberty,

Justin O'Donnell