About Justin

While only 29 years old, Justin has had a full life of experience, from Serving in the United States Army to working as a Business Sales Consultant. He is experienced in the Insurance industry, holding licenses in all 50 states. A resident of Nashua, Justin has worked tirelessly to promote the ideas of Individual Liberty and Freedom. From helping to organize and participate in local protests to lobbying for election reform in Concord. He also serves as a Regional Representative to the Libertarian National Committee, representing the States of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. 

As a candidate for US Representative for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, Justin strives to bring those ideals of freedom and prosperity to Washington, D.C. To be a champion of the free market, and a warrior for individual liberty and freedom of choice. 

Justin has pledged to stand up to the political establishment, and be a persistent voice for Liberty in our Nation's Capital; to fight the passage of any bill that increases taxes and decreases our freedoms; to fight for the preservation of those inalienable rights protected by the Constitution; to fight against any Government encroachment on our beloved freedoms and; most importantly, to fight, for Liberty in our Lifetimes. 


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Jul 13, 2018

Defending Our Principles!

A couple weeks ago I was proud to join others from The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and serve as a delegate representing Granite Staters to The Libertarian National Convention. In the months...

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