The hardest part about launching a campaign is raising the money needed to do so. 

Recently, a Republican candidate from New Hampshire made the news for raising $100,000 in 2 weeks. 

We know that Libertarians can come together to make their mark in 2018, but we need to know we can get there!

We're asking you to take a pledge, to help us raise over $5,000 in 1 week, to kickstart the momentum, so that in 2018, we can bring a New Voice to New Hampshire, and send a Libertarian message to Washington!

Join us the week of August 1st for the First Money Bomb of the 2018 Campaign!

COUNTDOWN TO 12:00 AM EDT on August 01
$50.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 AM EDT on August 01?

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