I am a strong advocate free-market education in which parents, teachers, and students, not the government, should make their own choices on education.

A one-size-fits-all education, as mandated by the Department of Education, is holding America’s children back.

Every child is different. Every community is different.

Education should be chosen to fit the needs of each child and situation: the teachers, parents, and students, should be able to make their own choices. These aforementioned parties are far better able to assess the needs of a particular child than a bureaucratic, far-removed, agency in Washington.

Marijuana Prohibition

The federal legalization of marijuana is an imperative step towards liberty, and respecting the will of the American People and the powers delegated to the individual states by the 10th Amendment. Seven states and The District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational uses as of our last election cycle. However, the Federal Government still has regulations prohibiting the manufacture, trade, sale, possession or use of Marijuana -- despite the state laws allowing it. 

The existence of a federal prohibition was seemingly a non-issue under the Obama Administration, which had chosen not to enforce those laws in states in which the citizens had decided to allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes -- but those laws are still on the books. President Trump has indicated a willingness and inclination to instruct the Department of Justice to take action against states that have legalized marijuana, under the lead of Attorney General Sessions. This move would infringe upon peoples' rights to exercise their freedoms. 

This prohibition will not stop anyone from using marijuana, just as it being illegal previously did not stop it from being a billion-dollar-industry. Prohibition doesn't eliminate the product or service; rather, it simply forces it to the black market. The black market is a market with no controls or methodology for conflict resolution. There is no quality control or complaints process in the black market, which leads to unknown drug composition, and no possibility for civil litigation as a form of complaint against a competitor or supplier. Prohibition makes the market dangerous, and endangers the lives of those who participate, but it does not stop them from participating. 


The official stance of The Libertarian Party is that we are Pro-Choice on matters of Abortion.
However, being Pro-Choice doesn't mean pro-abortion...

I am personally understanding and empathetic to the values and arguments of the "Pro-Life" side of the debate, however i do not believe it is in the best interest of American's for the Federal Government to be dictating or prohibiting morality. The typical conservative stance on all issues is that they should be decided at the state level rather than the federal government, and I argue that isn't local enough of a measure of control. Why the states, why not the City? If the individual municipality is local enough, then why not go even further, leave the decision on issues of morality up to the individual family?

I am by no means Pro-Abortion, but I'm definitively Anti-Prohibition. 

The argument over Abortion will never be resolved tot he satisfaction of either side. Should we ban abortions, we will only be banning legal abortions, and forcing those seeking them to seek black market alternatives, at a greater risk to their own health and safety. And the problem with making something against the law, is that it requires enforcement. How would we investigate abortions? Would we then have to investigate any and all reported miscarriages as potential illegal abortions? prohibition, would involve the government in the perpetuation of an investigative trauma on women who suffer a miscarriage, in an attempt to punish those who sought an abortion, because if we don't enforce it, then it's not a viable law. 

Foreign Policy

The responsibility of the American government is to the American people, not to the development of foreign military forces. The burden of American Taxpayers should not extend beyond our borders. For a nation overburdened with debt, and a crisis of poverty, we need to reevaluate our priorities. Our political class is intent on buying favor with the rest of the world, at the expense of The American tax payers. Our continued experiments in interventionist nation building have left an entire region of the globe in constant turmoil and warfare, displacing tens of millions, and killing hundreds of thousands. 

We need to stop sending our money, and our troops, overseas to solve conflicts that aren't our responsibility. 

This nation was founded through the barrel of a musket, we fought a revolution and a civil war before we came to value individual liberties and freedoms, so who are we to tell other's how to properly fight for their freedom? Do they not have the right to their own revolution, without our interference? 
And don't we have a responsibility to take care of our problems here at home, before trying to fix the world?

Gun Control

The people of New Hampshire have long held a tradition of respecting, and embracing their 2nd Amendment Rights. In Early 2017 the State Legislature approved a provision for "Constitutional Carry," repealing previous restrictions on ownership and possession of firearms that infringed upon the people's natural rights. Governor Sununu signed this bill into Law, and New Hampshrie Joined it's neighbors in Maine and Vermont in respecting gun ownership as a natural right. 

As your representative in Congress, I will vehemently fight against any attempts by the federal government to infringe upon those rights. I will constantly battle for the preservation of freedom and liberty for All New Hampshire residents. 


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